Nate started his business career as an unfulfilled advertising account executive on Madison Avenue in 1984. Having graduated from Dartmouth, it was easy to find his way to NYC which quickly became home. In 1995, Nate left the corporate world to pursue something different in wine sales. He helped start and build Bayfield Importing into a respected importer/wholesaler of French wine from 1996-2015.

Nate started Steep Hill Imports LLC in 2015 with twenty years of industry experience and contacts on the supply and New York City restaurant and retail side. The goal has been and remains to source with integrity from small and responsible family growers and to represent those wines with passion and respect to relevant customers.

Nate lives in brownstone Brooklyn with his wife Asa and frequent visits from their four adult children. Please if you’re in town, stop by to say hi.

Nate in Anjou

Antonio visiting Douro


Antonio changed different lives during his years on this planet beginning with a university Law degree that has never been his first passion.

Marketing and Communication instead were his little darlings and he dedicated his heart and soul to brand campaigns. Then he shifted to wines, tasting a lot of bottles and keeping extended notes in his pc.

Born and raised Italian, he currently lives in Queens (New York City) and in the last years he has been travelling a lot including Madrid and Vienna, both memorable experiences. Since 2015 he has been scouting some nice and artisanal wineries for Steep Hill which means more travelling to attend wine fairs and visiting estates. Natural wines are his great passion! He keeps consulting for wineries when it comes to label design and packaging. You can email him about the wines of our portfolio and he will be happy to reply. But you can email him if you need as well suggestions on moving and relocating with two cats. 

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