Aida i Luis

Tahulla Moscatel de Alexandria 2020

The must ferments in stainless steel vats with only the indigenous yeast (no inoculated yeast). Skin contact: 3 days. The wine ages for few months in vats on the lees with moderate stirring and is bottled during the following spring. Two rackings with pumps. In the cellar no clarification and filtrations. Suitable for vegans. No added sulphites at all. Total natural sulphites at bottling: less than 5 mg/l.
Intense amber and shining at sight. The nose is reminiscent of honey, ripe peach and dry herbs. The mouthfeel is fresh, packed with flavors and salty, with a slight bitter finish. The skin contact provides a nice tannic intriguing richness on the palate with a lingering finish.
Legumes and lentils (great pairing with moderate spiced Indian cuisine) , Tomato salads and feta cheese, any kind of fresh fish courses with delicate sauces. Think also of grilled chicken and couscous.