Danilo Scenna

Indomato Macerato 2021

Vite Maritata o Vite Alberata (the vines are trained up in vertical by using oak trees or olive trees and this ancient tradition dates back to the Romans and the Etruscans). Tying the vines with the trees, allowed the farmers to maximize the soil which was used to plant other crops. Only few hectares in this area in Lazio and in Campania (more specifically in the Caserta province) are still trained in this way.
The must ferments in concrete vats with the only the indigenous yeast (no inoculated yeast). The wine ages for few months in concrete vats and is bottled during the following spring. Macerated 6 months with the skins. In the cellar no clarification and filtrations.
Intense amber and shining at sight. The nose is reminiscent of chamomile, ripe peach and quince. The mouthfeel is fresh, packed with flavors and salty, with a slight bitter finish. The long maceration provides a nice tannic intriguing richness in the palate with a lingering finish.