Danilo Scenna

Volumnia 2019

40% Lecinaro – 40% Sangiovese – 20% Uva Giulia. The Lecinaro and Uva Giulia are ancient varieties from Lazio, recently  listed in the National Register of wine grape varieties in 2010, altogether with Capolongo, Maturano, Pampanaro, Rosciola.
The must ferments in concrete vats with the only the indigenous yeast (no inoculated yeast). Maceration on the skins for the whole fermentation process (18 days).
The wine ages for few months in concrete vats and is bottled during the following spring. In the cellar no clarification and filtrations. No other cellar manipulations. Two rackings (no pumps, just gravity). A tiny quantity of sulphites is added during the racking and before the bottling.