Michel Couvreur

Pale Single Single

The elegant expression of the single cask whisky formerly filled with Manzanilla Sherry and bought by La Gitana bodega. The Pale Single Single currently available has been distilled in 2005 with an original fill strength of 70% reduced to 56% and then diluted to a drinking proof of 45% AbV in the bottle. Aged in the cellar zone with medium humidity and then moved for the last three years in the very humid part. Manzanilla casks impart a pale color, a more floral and iodine note  expressed in a lighter style of whisky, pretty different than the other MC expressions.  Expect a quite fruity and floral in bouquet, but with a lingering note of toasted almonds and savory richness. The palate starts slightly sweet, finishing pleasantly dry and subtly spicy. The texture is introvert in a good way as it needs a bit of time to open and show its oily beauty, the mildly honey lightness and the salty delicate flavors. An appearance of fragility gives way to a fabulous length. A nice matching with cheeses like the Epoisses.