Michel Couvreur

The Unique

Can we call this expression the entry level in Couvreur’s world? Yes, let’s do it. This is the classic blended whisky which used to be called “The grain Whisky” because composed by a most part of grain. The Unique is something pretty rare as it combines malted and unmalted cereals in order to produce a rounded flavor that’s one of a kind.
Average age: 4 years.
An exception in the Michel Couvreur range because it’s not aged in fresh sherry casks (the freshness is related whether the emptied cask has been in contact with Sherry wine).
The Unique is aged in casks previously already used for the Overaged or other Couvreuer’s top range products. If the cask is still in good conditions with no leaking, it can be used for the Unique (and other house blended whiskies) and obviously there is a minor  Sherry influence here, while the whisky influence gains ground.
Golden color at sight. Iodine flavors with a touch of almond and vanilla sweetness. Delicate and subtle, it reminds the white fruit. Nervous on the palate, it appears round after the taste. Finishes more floral than what expected after the first sip. It should be served chilled. Matured in the middle humidity part of the cellar. 44% AbV (the distillation degree is 70% and the cask strength 62%).
The wax presents a greenish color. Good ingredient for cocktails as well.