CRG Carignano 2022

This is declassified monovarietal table wine, therefore it hasn’t been submitted in order to receive DOC or IGT status. According to EU body of wine laws, the grape variety cannot be written in the front label and back label can’t display any vintage. 
Hence the owners decided to name the wine CRG after the first three consonants the  grape variety involved (Carignano). The vintage camouflage is in the lot number which contains the year (L.2018).
This wine comes from a sandy single alberello vineyard (bush) named Calasetta in the Sulcis area (south west of the island), planted in 1967 and still ungrafted. The Carignano thrives here and unlike what has been the normal French habit to blend it in order to smooth the reds, here in Sardinia this grape variety is often bottled alone accepting the challenge of meaty noses and accentuated garrigue “ingredients” dominating the palate. The CRG is velvety wine from bush-trained vines and low-yield vineyards near the sea which can gracefully age for a decade at least. Fermentation is carried with only indigenous yeast and, as per Piero’s consolidated habit, skin maceration is done with hand pigeage and limited to a week in order to avoid beefy wine’s extraction. The ageing process combines tank and 4th passage barriques for 6 months.