Raphaël Midoir

Sauvignon De Silex & Tuffeau 2021

This Sauvignon is a genuine white wine from the Loire Valley coming from vines aged between 5 and 35 years old planted on clay limestone and flint soils. The volcanic tufa element marks overall the wine balance and freshness. As a consequence, in order to create vines competition, yields are kept pretty low, with only 50-60 HL per hectare.
The grapes are then gently pressed to extract maximum aromas. The settling takes place 24 to 48 hours later and the gross lees are separated from the juice which is transferred to stainless steel tanks for the low temperature fermentation process. After racking the wine is then transferred into other tanks for batonnage. After a few months, the wine is filtered and bottled without useless manipulations in order to keep the freshness and minerality typical of the estate’s terroir.
Tasting: at sight the wine is pale yellow with a green tint. The nose is immediately influenced by white currant and the grapefruit freshness, while by swirling the glass passion fruit and more exotic elements come through. Lingering flavors extend this refreshing wine experience. Racy and elegant this Sauvignon can be appreciated with grilled sea food or maybe fresh (or hot) goat cheese on toasted bread. It is best to serve this wine chilled, between 8 and 10°C.