Raphaël Midoir

Sauvignon Oisly 2020

This authentic wine comes from “la Plaine des Cailloux” plot situated in the small appellation of Touraine Oisly producing Sauvignon Blanc, the only grape allowed, with certain characteristics (Raphaël for instance allows only 45-50 Hl per hectare and his yields can be considered on the average within the area)  This wine district has been recently created by INAO in 2011 and can bring on the table a more rounded elegant style than standard Touraine Sauvignon. According to Raphaël: “This plot of vines is 35 years old and is ideally located at the top of the village on clay soil intermixed with flint layers. It is well-trained so I can wait for the grapes to be fully ripe and harvest as late as possible. I can obtain a goodgrape maturity achieving the perfect balance between sugar, alcohol and acidity”.
Coming from the 2020 stellar vintage, the Touraine Oisly is steel vats fermented and aged with lees stirring until bottling which usually takes place in May. Tasting and style: The wine is pale yellow displaying a green tint. Packed with citrus fruits notes, the nose is light and floral, the mouthfeel is compact and deep. This mineral and complex Sauvignon Blanc will be the ideal pairing with a “sandre de Loire” fillet or angler fillet with cream sauce, region crayfish or “Saint Jacques” with basmati rice. The ideal service temperature is between 10 and 12°C.