Tenuta Belvedere

Pinot Grigio 2022 (Una Scoperta)

The grapes come from the only small Pinot Grigio vineyard present in our  estate which is managed according to environmentally friendly agriculture practices, skipping any use of pesticides and herbicides. The only treatments performed are based on sulfur and copper, depending on the needs. In the cellar, our approach is hands off, avoiding technical manipulation and additives. The grapes are hand harvested in small bins and carried to the cellar. After a short maceration on the skins of one night, followed by a soft pressing, the must spontaneously ferments with its indigenous yeast in steel tanks. After the racking, 75% of the wine continues the tank ageing for ten months before bottling with some lees stirring. 25% is aged in clayver clay pot (400 liters). Unfined and unfiltered. This is an artisanal wine and can throw some sediments.