Tenuta San Marcello


Our Lacrima is sourced from vineyards located in Vallesina at 220 mts above the sea level on a calcareous-clayey soil. Our vineyard management relies on natural micro-organisms and algae in order to strengthen the plants’ defense, plus sulphur and copper when needed. We skip any use of chemicals. The manual harvest took place in the 1st week of September. Tank fermentation occurs with indigenous yeasts and the ageing process continues in steel vats where the wine rests on its fine lees for 7 months. Low levels of sulfur dioxide is added just before bottling. We do not follow any invasive cellar practice and we like to present our unfiltered wines as an expression of terroir and sense of place. The old Lacrima variety is a native one present only in the Morro d’Alba area in the Ancona province and only few producers cultivate it. It‘s a semi-aromatic wine with unique characteristics: hints of violet, red rose, geranium, cherry, spices. Fragrant and soft on the nose, tannic and full-bodied in the mouth.