Terra di Briganti

Coda di Volpe

The CODA DI VOLPE grape variety is indigenous to Campania and not cultivated elsewhere in Italy. The name itself means “tail of the fox”, and was given in reference to the variety’s long, pendulous bunches of grapes ending with a sort of L shape, which resemble a fox’s bushy tail. Terra di Briganti is linked to a minimalistic approach both in the vineyard (8 hectares biodynamically farmed) and in the cellar avoiding over-produced wines.
Hand harvested with strict grape’s selection. Soft pressed and macerated for 8 days. Fermentation in steel tanks with indigenous yeast only. No temperature control except when it exceeds 23°C.
aged for few months in stainless steel tanks, then 2 months in the cellar before being released to the market (according to the single vintage). Not stabilized, unfined and unfiltered. Therefore the wine can throw some sediments.