Vigne del Pellagroso & Andrea Marchetti

Luci Rosse 2020

From the back label: “Tell your friends – we don’t produce many bottles of the Luci Rosse wine (1.500 bottle per year on average or 125 cases). I try to elaborate skillfully crafted wines that explore traditions beyond the mainstream. The grapes sourced for this wine are chemical free (no pesticides, no herbicides) and come from an area in south Lombardia near the Garda’s lake.  It’s a field blend of different varieties (Merlot, Cabenet Sauvignon, Rondinella) including some white varieties (Garganega and Trebbiano) all processed together and shortly macerated in order to offer a light bodied wine, following the path of the local tradition. The must fermented with the indigenous yeast only (avoiding any kind of external additives) in concrete tanks where the wine, once racked, continues to age for 6 months.  If the vinification presents minimal intervention, well .. . the wine is fruity, marked with red cherries and freshness leading to a lip-smacking bright finish. Unfined and Unfiltered. Yes, you can chill it a bit and drink it in a cheerful gulp! Luci Rosse is a nice food companion and can be enjoyed also as an aperitivo’s option. It’s a viticultural project carried out with the help of Antonio “Billy” Camazzola (Vigne del Pellagroso). Thanks guys and enjoy the wine. Andrea Marchetti.