Vigne del Pellagroso & Andrea Marchetti

Light White 2021

Light White chemical free grapes are grown in the Via Sale and Monte Oliveto tiny plots with the same type of soil characterized by a stratification of compact calcareous clay and high  salinity due to an ancient mineral sedimentation.  It’s a field blend of different varieties (Garganega, Riesling and Moscato) co-harvested and processed all together with 3 days of skin contact. The must ferments in concrete vats with indigenous yeast avoiding any kind of external additive. Bottled roughly 10 months after the harvest.

It’s a perfect thirst quencher enhanced by awesome aromas, a fruity palate with some earthy notes, following the old school tradition of Garda’s lake winemaking. The Light White is a minimal wine with no cellar manipulation. Unfined and unfiltered. Only 2.000 bottles have been produced from this harvest. Serve it slightly chilled but not too cold in order to enjoy the awesome aromas. Regulations don’t allow for the name of the grape varieties to appear on this label.